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The lonely post about Me

My name is Kevin Agee, and welcome to my weblog that I hope to post to daily.

Simply put, I love the game of baseball and I love the Kansas City Royals, which is why I decided to start this blog. To me, there just is not a better way to spend an afternoon or evening than at the ballpark. For those of you who attend games on a regular basis, you probably have a good idea of what I'm talking about. It's a purity that words really cannot describe. There's nothing quite like being there when a home team player launches a fastball into the night sky, and the entire crowd - like synchronized swimmers - all stand up at the same time, willing the ball over the fence.

My favorite active player in baseball? Most likely Barry Bonds. Whether you like him or not as an individual, any person would have to admit that Barry is a statistician's dream player. It's amazing just to watch him while he hits. It's almost like he knows right away before anyone else if a pitch being delivered to him is going to be in or out of the strike zone. Barry, in my opinion, is the second-best "Worth the price of admission" player ever, just behind Mark McGwire.

My favorite player of all-time? Ted Williams. Bonds is the greatest - and most patient - hitter of my generation, but I think Teddy Ballgame places just behind Babe Ruth in the greatest hitter of all-time debate. Without going into specific numbers, The Splendid Splinter was an on-base machine mostly because of skill, but also because of the mental approach he took to hitting. Ted was one of the first to understand the concept that being a successful major league hitter isn't just about using good form and good extension when making contact with a pitch. He knew that hitting was more about one's mindset and understanding of the strike zone, which I, as a young baseball person still learning the sabermetric methods of Bill James and others, totally admire.
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